Vaping and Philanthropy

The unveiling of a $160 million by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Myers has led to unending debates among nonprofit organizations and Tobacco companies. The campaign advocated ending smoking cigarettes among kids since it is harmful to their health and opted for vaping.
However, not all nations have banned the use of premium flavored e-cigarettes except for Michigan and San Francisco.

Philanthropy and Aboriginal Communities – Encouraging Developments in Atlantic Canada

The incorporation of non-profit organizations, also known as Ulnooweg, based in Truro, Nova Scotia, has fully qualified to be a non-profit sector under the Income Tax Act (Canada).“Ulnooweg” originate from the Mi’kmaq language, which means “our way.” Ulnooweg’s members are the primary principals of the 34 Mi’kmaq and Maliseet communities among the four Atlantic Provinces. The board of directors here are the highly qualified chiefs and the specialized community leaders.
 For the past 30 years, the organization has been on the frontline, offering …

United Way And Success By 6: Growing Up With Collective Impact

This initiative comes with many benefits, such as supporting the community services and empowering the young kids and their families. It is 11 years old, and it has recorded a significant transformation and change that has occurred in most people’s lives over the years.
The Aboriginal and community leaders have approved this partnership in the British Columbia of United Ways since it has led to various social changes. It aims to improve childhood development and has lately gained interest and momentum in helping most youths understand the need to create a …

Indigenous Youth Voices and the Role of Philanthropy

Indigenous peoples in Canada come from various nations, with the young population rising day in and day out. Even if the indigenous communities have varying languages, cultures, and geographical locations, they still share the same political and social histories that have affected and will continue to affect the next generations adversely.
Analysis of the level of education, health, violence, language retention, and poverty for the indigenous people is documented. Some situations have worsened as the government has failed to implement the policies and offer funds…