Philanthropy & Aboriginal Canada is a published online journal of the Agora Foundation for persons who desire to participate in charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada. For the last few decades, we have been actively involved in publishing written articles for the non-profit sector and philanthropic organizations in Canada.

We understand the social changes and issues that are currently affecting Canadian society hence the need to support Canadian citizens. By supporting the non-profit sector, we know that these organizations work closely with ordinary citizens, who socialize with the entire society directly. 

We comprise the organizations and people who have the objective and aim of improving people’s lives and who value their interdependence. Through collaborating with them, we have made a massive step towards solving the issues and improving the entire society.

This journal is entirely for news and investigations by charitable sectors. We aim to help the organization via the development and dissemination of independent and practical information, skills and knowledge. .

The valuable information available has played a massive role in lifting the people’s lives across the Canadian society. We work hard to share enticing and engaging stories for the betterment of the community and promote conversations and debates with them.