Vaping and Philanthropy

The unveiling of a $160 million by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Myers has led to unending debates among nonprofit organizations and Tobacco companies. The campaign advocated ending smoking cigarettes among kids since it is harmful to their health and opted for vaping.
However, not all nations have banned the use of premium flavored e-cigarettes except for Michigan and San Francisco.

Reconcilable Differences? Philanthropy, Decolonization, and Existing while Indigenous

This journal talks about the renewed integration between The Philanthropist and The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Canadian people. The aim is to highlight Indigenous philanthropy and to share the indigenous perspective and wisdom, as well as any indigenous-related work taking place in the philanthropic community. According to the most recent report, many folks wish to have reconciliation while others demand the truth about reconciliation.
Most of the US policies were built around tribal lines and mainly for separating the haves and have-nots. The …