The incorporation of non-profit organizations, also known as Ulnooweg, based in Truro, Nova Scotia, has fully qualified to be a non-profit sector under the Income Tax Act (Canada).“Ulnooweg” originate from the Mi’kmaq language, which means “our way.” Ulnooweg’s members are the primary principals of the 34 Mi’kmaq and Maliseet communities among the four Atlantic Provinces. The board of directors here are the highly qualified chiefs and the specialized community leaders.

 For the past 30 years, the organization has been on the frontline, offering business services to many business owners in Atlantic Canada. These aboriginal entrepreneurs have found it easy to secure a loan to support their business and solve marketing and business planning issues. This job has helped most entrepreneurs create and sustain hundreds of ventures and create more Aboriginal peoples. 

More profile details about Ulnooweg are available via the website, where one can browse to view some of the vacancies available. The organization has developed a broader understanding of the communities from this noble task and has gone beyond serving entrepreneurial lending. Other issues to which the sector has responded include the sectoral challenges and opportunities, employment, community economic development, demographics, education, private and public debt, and capital needs.

Ulnooweg has officially initiated a unique legislative and regulatory world where the   First Nations governments are included. Currently, the sector has expanded activities such as analysis, financial, community enterprise issues, advice, and support to Chiefs and Councils. The grant that funded the foundation was used to analyze the needs and explore the required tools for economic development empowerment among the Atlantic First Nations.

 Since then, the study has united diverse teams in the creation of o concrete strategy that takes care of the challenges experienced by Aboriginal economic development. One of the outcomes of this creative collaboration was the establishment of Ulnooweg as an Aboriginal Capital Corporation. The organization has also supported the chiefs and management staff in recognizing significant themes. 

The First Nations in Atlantic Canada can significantly emerge and participate in the regional economy. This is has become easy for the Nations to overcome unemployment and public and private debt and record a high equity growth.

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