As the generational inequalities facing the Aboriginal people increase, the number of kids and youth fighting for change and transformation doubles. In particular, the share of resources to reach the people has faced many inequality challenges that have become so rampant in the area. Most people are unable to access essential health services, housing, resources management, and child protection services. This will continue to happen until a cultural shift is witnessed across the entire Canadian nation.

The shift in question needs to be driven by the right education system, legislation, policies, and systems that aim to serve more Canadians properly and fairly. The funders also need to understand the current actions to take considering how the most recent crisis has gone ahead to affect most Canadian people.

This is also the time to have the shift reach every person in Canada, particularly the grassroots activists, Aboriginal leaders, and Canadian allies. Among the change-makers standing up for the youth include Wesley Prankard from Niagara Falls, Ontario. For 11 years, Wesley has been recognized and respectable because of his various efforts that made him a great leader for the youth.

He has always been fully committed to transforming and improving the relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. To this day, he remains vigilant in helping most young leaders to work for equity even during the entire resources distribution process. Learning the issues that come with inequalities among Aboriginal children has driven Wesley towards fighting for fairness on behalf of many young adults and kids.

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