Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Projects (OIYPP) is ranked sixth among the Indigenous Communities and Philanthropy series. This journal was written to support and empower the indigenous residing in Ontario through participating in their communities via the projects which improve social, spiritual, physical well-being and environmental life.

This is the best platform where youths and teenagers can get the chance to be mentored and receive inspirational messages. They get an opportunity to participate in the skills training programs where they get an opportunity to socialize and connect with funders, partners and youths.

The most recent projects where they can participate include textiles, designing art, and indigenous fashion. This program makes it easy for young girls to get prepared for Mother Earth at their puberty stages. Here, they will get to build their courage and self-esteem as they develop.

 This is also the safest place for indigenous women and women of color to exchange ideas and experiences. 

The principal founders collaborating with the youth advisors’ team are The Circle, Tides Canada, and Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project is entirely designed to partner with a traditional granting program.

The power of the project comes from the committed people and their relationships. Youth and advisors have taken ownership of the OIYPP and have built strong relations by contacting the applicants via emails, phone calls, and sharing articles online. This is the best way to communicate with the indigenous youths and those still desiring to support the program.

The grants offered to the project have allowed the youths to receive mentorships and socialize with partners, youths and funders from across the globe. OIYPP is currently the best to secure more grants to give the children more growth opportunities. Through the skills available more youths get chances to research, become creative, and participate in development programs.

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