Another initiative program that has worked closely with the youths of Canada to unite the communities is the National Alliance for Children and Youth (NACY). This program aims to connect diverse non-profit organizations to a collaborative network system with the goal of boosting the kids’ and youth’s well-being. This is achieved through offering the national leadership and skills, linking practice, mobilizing, and performing research about policy development.

In collaboration with its members and other funders, the National Alliance for Children and Youth (NACY) has developed an Action Framework for Canada’s kids and youths. The Framework is a strategy meant for safeguarding and enriching the youth’s lives to make their lives better. In conjunction with other initiative programs, NACY has also made massive progress in creating a healthy development policy for the kids and the youths.

Some of the issues of concern that the NACY members and funders network on and give their focus to are mental health and well-being, youth employment, support of young families, education, youth justice, Bullying and youth violence.

Despite Canada being a wealthy nation, the report shows that most youths and kids are still struggling. Canada is also at risk of neglecting the well-being of the kids and children, the most critical components of a robust society.

Fortunately, NACY has come to their rescue by working with other programs to discuss the common issues affecting the youths and children. Through the meeting previously held, the action of Framework that pointed out major issues and the call of action to take was initiated. 

The Framework is drawn from comprehensive research, experience and recommendations of the NACY’s members to bridge the traditional gaps in managing different age groups. The initiative aims to deal with the rights and kids’ needs and emphasise the benefits of families in nurturing them.

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