Membership eligibility is as follows:

  1. First Nation, Inuit, Métis Individuals
  2. Aboriginal led not-for-profit organization and registered charities
  3. Granting Organizations: private foundations, public foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations and grantmakers, public service grantmakers, aboriginal trusts, funder affinity groups, service clubs and United Ways.
  4. Registered charities and not-for-profits that are committed to supporting the goals of the Circle through their work.
  5. Individual Supporters: Those who support the vision of the Circle but are not allied with a particular organization. This category of membership opens the doors to individuals who wish to contribute to the Circle’s initiatives due to an invested interest in Aboriginal philanthropy but lack a secure outlet from which to become involved.
  6. Collaborator:  Exists for those members who are compelled to provide vital support to ensure that the core operations of the Circle are maintained. Charitable tax receipt provided.
  7. Leaders:  Is an opportunity to be active in a participatory role in the leadership of our organization. Your support will ensure that our core operations are maintained and also create opportunities that allow the growth of a body of possibilities for future endeavors. Charitable tax receipt provided.
  8. Friends of the Circle: Exists for those organizations that wish to support The Circle in fulfilling our mission to provide an open network but do not fit the under the General Member guidelines This support will ensure that our core operations are maintained, and also to create opportunities that allow the growth of a body of possibilities for future endeavours. Charitable tax receipt provided.

Membership Guidelines:

  • Each member organization may identify one to four individuals (depending on the level of membership) to be the primary contacts for the Circle, including exercising the member’s vote.
  • Participation in the Circle’s events is open to all staff and Board members of a member organization for a fee or at a reduced rate.
  • Members of the Circle are committed to dialogue and learning in a solicitation-free environment.
  • The Circle may choose to decline membership to any organization or individual that does not, in the opinion of the Circle’s Governing Circle, fully meet all of the membership criteria.
  • Subject to the provisions of paragraph 6.2 of By-Law No. 2012-1, Members consent to participating in any meeting of the Members by means of such conference telephone or other communications equipment.

To apply or renew your membership, please contact us: