This webinar series is of interest to individuals looking to continue or activate their journey to reconciliation. We invite changemakers working in the nonprofit sector to learn and remember; understand and acknowledge; participate and act as we cultivate spaces of dialogue and experience sharing.

82% of Canadians feel they have a role to play in the reconciliation process (The Environics Institute), and at this particular moment in time where, after six generations, reconciliation is possible. It is essential that the nonprofit sector work alongside Indigenous peoples to develop our collective path.

Join us for our community-engagement focused webinar…

Join The Circle’s Kris Archie as she sits in conversation with Rudayna Bahubeshi, Nada Elmasry and Tanvi Bhatia to discuss the role of allyship in reconciliation-focused philanthropy. This panel of change-makers will share personal experiences working as racialized women in the philanthropic, systems change, sector.

What does philanthropy have to change to better work with racialized communities?

Whose voices do we need to elevate?

What does an ally in philanthropy look like?

We will discuss the changes philanthropy must make in order to strengthen allyship alongside marginalized communities. 

*There are only 100 registrations available

*A taping of the webinar will be readily available for sharing

*The Circle is dedicated to being an ally as you engage and work in reconciliation, we invite you to email us your questions, reflections or comments along your journey: