Thank you to everyone who joined us for the LIVE Webinar in March! Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our next webinar soon! 

Panelists from The Journey to Reconciliation Webinar participated in a Circles of Accountability Art Series, view these pieces today!

This webinar series is of interest to individuals looking to continue or activate their journey to reconciliation. We invite changemakers working in the nonprofit sector to learn and remember; understand and acknowledge; participate and act as we cultivate spaces of dialogue and experience sharing.

82% of Canadians feel they have a role to play in the reconciliation process (The Environics Institute), and at this particular moment in time where, after six generations, reconciliation is possible. It is essential that the nonprofit sector work alongside Indigenous peoples to develop our collective path.

Over the past few months, The Circle’s webinar series has been an invitation to join us on the pathway to reconciliation from personal work to community involvement, together we’ve been on a journey necessary to meaningfully engage in active reconciliation in professional spaces. Thank you to all who participated in the pre-webinar activities, joined us for live sessions, created space for meaningful dialogue, and continued actioning your learnings.

We are thrilled to invite this network of changemakers to join us for our professionally focused webinar:

Stay tuned for more information on our next

Journey to Reconciliation Webinar! 

*The Circle is dedicated to being an ally as you engage and work in reconciliation, we invite you to email us your questions, reflections or comments along your journey: