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Executive Director 

Phone: 613.236.2664 ext. 367

Wanda is Bear Clan, a Haudenosaunee/Algonquin and member of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg. Philanthropy is a common bond Indigenous and the non-Indigenous societies share. It is here Wanda’s flourishes in creating spaces for mutual partnerships with reciprocal learnings and a longer term goal of reconciliation in Canada. Her charitable activities began as a teaching in reciprocity, a fundamental component of global Indigenous cultures. With fifteen years of experience at a local, regional and national level her skills include fundraising, advocacy and learning opportunities to understand philanthropy and Indigenous realities in Canada.

Known to many as a natural communicator and innate bridge builder, Wanda brings her view that reciprocity and reconciliation are action-oriented words when we allow them to be. It is these skills she enthusiastically brings to her position as the Executive Director of The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.






Communications & Media Coordinator 

 Phone: 613.236.2664 ext. 368

Shereen is a first generation immigrant to Canada migrating with her family from Lusaka, Zambia. Though the transition was not easy life in Canada has been truly rewarding. Her experiences with wealth disparity and segregation have shaped her outlook on life. She has a compulsion for true equality and cultural preservation. Shereen has a core passion to learn and aid in the journey toward true reconciliation. This passion ignited while conducting a major project at The University of Ottawa regarding Indigenous realities in Canada.

Shereen has a knack for interacting with others and loves to engage with the community. She is a highly motivated and intelligent communications professional specializing in public relations and day-to-day tactical execution of social media activity.

Shereen has been credited for creativity, strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal, coupled with the ability to shape quick relationships and build strategic professional partners. She is known for a superior ability to coordinate and prioritizes multiple responsibilities/projects in a fast-paced, goal-oriented, team environment. Shereen is people-oriented and has a passion for philanthropic work. She is a blue-sky thinker and is always on the look out for opportunities for innovation. It is her inclination to maintain an open-minded approach to daily collaborations.



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Executive Administrator

Phone: 613.236.2664 ext. 368

Farren is an Indigenous woman of Maliseet and Ojibway descent and a member of the Nipissing First Nation in northern Ontario. Her experiences as an urban Aboriginal woman living in the suburbs of Ottawa have shaped her goals and passions both personally and professionally. For Farren, an essential component of a meaningful career is working towards a cause. From a young age her parents encouraged her to be proud of her ancestry and shared their experiences of growing up during the time of the Residential School system. Her parent’s stories of attending “Indian Day School” have impassioned her to be involved as much as possible in Canada’s journey to reconciliation.

With over ten years of experience in the administrative field, Farren has exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills. She is an effective communicator across all levels and is committed to upholding professional standards and demonstrating consistent work ethic. In 2008 she was given the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to participate in an international conference on Indigenous Health. This experience led her to develop a framework on Healthy Sexuality and assist in the creation of a published guide for Indigenous women giving birth away from their home communities. Farren has strong interpersonal skills and a positive outlook on life that allows her to build strong professional relationships quickly. She is a highly motivated, goal-oriented worker both in team settings as well as on her own.